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Academic & Professional Studies Abroad (APSA)

Academic & Professional Studies Abroad (APSA) is an international training management firm. Our company's core activity is the management of development programmes for overseas governments specializing in the areas of training and education.

We are currently working with NZ, Australian, US, Canada, UK, Singapore & Ireland based educational institutions and are willing to expand with other destination of world for overseas education. There is a saying that "Visualization is a key to success". As in the last decade our country is influenced by the globalization, there is a big U turn in every aspect of life. At the competitive era only those people can survive who have got the global vision. APSA is a pioneer in providing such opportunity to our young generation to develop a global vision. Being into the international market was the options only available to high class families but with the help of our unique scheme of Earn While Learn we make it possible for the middle class people as well.

Our doors are open for all kinds of student but one thing they all need to have in common is The Burning Desire To Grow "Where There Is A Will There Is A Way", this saying matches perfectly with the organization APSA which is available for all. APSA is available for all aspiring students willing to go abroad for the higher education. APSA is an organization that educates students, guides them regarding the latest professional courses available and helps them in selecting a professional course for themselves according to their educational qualification. Because once the child starts going to school there is hidden desire in his heart for going abroad for higher education. APSA is an organization which tries to bring out the dreams or desires of such students in reality. We provide a unique platform to those desirous candidates willing to go for higher education & give them effective counseling & consultation which can give the direction to their future.

Our business philosophy is to build a reputation among students and their parents as a responsive resource for quality education consultants, well screened to meet their requirements. Equally important is our commitment to build a reputation among associate universities for consistent professional support and integrity.

Academic & Professional Study Abroad Vision To generate awareness about quality education across the country, shape the career of students; deliver exceptional support to our associates. Valuable global business process by unlocking India's intellectual mind mines.

APSA Vision

  • To be the global benchmark in overseas education by embodying quality as a way of life.
  • To contribute to the community and meaningfully improve lives.
  • To value truth, honesty, transparency and consistency in words and actions.
  • To consistently deliver quality guidance to students and parents.

APSA Core Values

  • Quality Guidance
  • Information Supported by Facts and Data
  • Unbiased Counseling
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Respect to Everyone
  • Integrity and Excellence
  • Attitude of Promptness

APSA Stands For

  • Career before revenue
  • Principles before profit
  • Ethics before wealth
  • Quality before quantity
  • Conscience before destiny

We assure that student would receive personalized attention, excellent guidance, and satisfactory response to all their queries.

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