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Free German Language Courses From Best Institute

APSA one of the best institutes for German Language Courses in Gurgaon, Haryana, India trains the students at different levels ranging from 1-6 German Language Courses. Our strict schedule and well- structured curriculum help the students in taking their career to new heights. To offer the free German classes in Gurgaon, we have highly experienced and qualified trainers who guide the students with language fluency and proficiency.
In addition, we are known for delivering consistent results in transforming the non-native speakers into native speakers, absolutely for free of cost. At APSA, one can learn the German language in Gurgaon for free and enroll for flexible classes without disturbing their regular work schedule.

Why learn the German language?

German is one of the most popularly and widely spoken languages in Austria, Germany, the European Union and the Central and Eastern Europe. Being a cosmopolitan country and ever-growing economy, Germany offers great career opportunities to the Indian students in different sectors.

What is the scope of learning German language?

German is the most popular foreign languages in India, after French. Its strong economic growth and low unemployment rate attract many Indian professionals to shift to Germany and make a good living. If you are planning to study, work or settle in Austria, Switzerland or any German-speaking country, joining APSA for best German classes in Gurgaon can be extremely beneficial.

Many Indian students who want to make their career in Engineering or plan to join Automobile sector, can enjoy lucrative work opportunities and make a bright future in Germany. Additionally, Germany is the third-largest contributor to research and development in the world that attracts intelligent minds to shift and join research programs there.

Course Highlights

APSA is renowned in offering the best German language course in Gurgaon. Our deliberately planned course curriculum enables the students to get admission in reputed universities. Moreover, it also boosts career opportunities for professionals who want to work and make a career in Germany.

Classroom module: We have customised batch sizes for better learning opportunities for the students. To make it more convenient, we also provide weekend batches and online classes along with flexible batch timings.

Skill level: 1-6(A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)

No. of hours: 40

Course Module


It helps the students to develop basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in German. They also get to understand basic sentence formation and ways of expression to gain insight into German culture.


This level takes the students closer to language proficiency. It helps them in understanding vocabulary and practising further in reading, writing and speaking.


This level helps the students to understand complex grammar and sentence formation. It further improves their accuracy and fluency of language with advanced reading and writing techniques.


It focuses on the communication abilities of students in German. To improve oral and written performances, students are trained with highly advanced techniques of grammar learning and group discussion.


Students at this level are taught with more practicalities to help them communicate like a native speaker. It improves their fluency at a high level as the teaching is based on textbooks as well as authentic materials from the media of the native speaking countries.


This level is extremely beneficial for those who want to attain professional competence in the language. It enables the learners to attain proficiency to communicate in a business setting. Moreover, it also helps in solving problems and challenges encountered in business like a proficient speaker.

Our German language courses/classes in Gurgaon are considered as the most flexible and learner-friendly. The language course can easily be customised according to the learners’ schedule and requirement. They could even enrol themselves for weekend batches or online classes for a convenient learning process.

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