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How to Apply for Germany Study Visa From India?

Germany Study Visa

You need different documents to get the permission to enter Germany. The most important one is the visa. You should apply for it way in advance, because the processing of your documents takes a while.

Student applicants who have not yet been admitted to a German university or Studienkolleg can apply for a Student Applicant Visa. It is valid for three months and can be converted into a residence permit for the purpose of studying once you have been admitted to a higher education institution. Please note, that not every country issues a Student Applicant Visa.

Another type of visa is the Language Course Visa. But beware: This is only valid for the length of the language course. It cannot be converted into a student visa. If you plan to take a language course in connection with your academic studies, this must be stated when you apply for your visa. You have to apply for a student visa or a student applicant visa if the purpose of your stay is to study in Germany.

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