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Mauritius Student Visa

Mauritius is the gateway for the students to enter the great continent of North America. Mauritius is the gateway for the students to enter the great continent. Mauritius Visas are issued on producing the following official documents, which include.

  • Passport (Valid at least for 6 months after the completion of stay and one page for visa stamping)
  • Application form (for Student visa)
  • Letter of acceptance form from respective Mauritius Institute (for Student Visa)
  • Passport size photo (1 in number)
  • Letter from Employer (in case of professional visitors)

Letter from friends or relatives (in case of visitors willing to stop at Mauritius for more than more than 90 days)
Importance Notice- The student's visa requirements for Mauritius vary from country to country. However the requirement of documents remain the same. Visas and extensions of stay are issued free of charge. Student visa requirement for Indians may also vary case to case.

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